Wednesday Walkers

How to meet us

Ready to startWe always travel to the walk starting place by car or by bus and meet at about 10-20 for a 10-30am start for the 1 and 2 walks and about 9-50 for a 10-00am start for the 3 and 4 walks. However this time can vary depending on bus times and travelling distance so to be sure you always need to consult the walks programme.

If you would like to join us for a trial walk then in addition to having a look at the programme it would be advisable to email the walks secratary, by clicking here or to, who would be able to advise as to which walk would best suit you and explain how to get to the starting place on time.

If you have already walked with us and would like to join our club click here to download our application form.

What equipment?

Try to keep dry For ordinary country walking it is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment however the following notes may prove useful.

  • Footwear should be reasonably strong, not too heavy and preferably worn over wool socks or stockings. Nylon can give blisters. A pair of substantial or lightweight boots obtainable from any outdoor shop or army and navy store are ideal, they should grip neatly and comfortably round the ankle so preventing the feet moving and rubbing into blisters.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and light weight. Due to our inclement climate a waterproof raincoat is a must and if possible waterproof trousers and gaiters are very useful. These should protect you from the worst of the weather unless you are walking in the depths of winter, when more specialist clothing is likely to be necessary.
  • Walking poles are a useful aid for both going up and down hill especially when the ground is slippery.
  • Lunch of your choice, water and a flask of tea. coffee or soup are also essential for our lunch break which is nearly always taken outdoors.
  • Finally a rucksack is the best way to carry these loose items as it leaves the hands free and is easier to carry than a hand bag.

If you are walking on one of our official walks the leader will be carrying all the necessary maps etc.

Every individual is resposible for carrying their own basic first aid kit, which should contain any necessary medication, a few self-adhesive dressings for possible blisters and cuts, antiseptic wipes and insect bite relief.

An emergency contact tag must be fastened to the outside of every walkers rucksack.